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Where to Park:

Parking for the Catskill Scenic Trail is available at:

  • The Trailhead on Route 10. north of Bloomville
  • The Railroad Depot on Railroad Avenue, Stamford
  • The intersection of Route 30 and Ferris Hill Road, just south of Grand Gorge
  • The designated area on Route 30, at the base of Hardscrabble Road, just north of Roxbury


Please Cross Carefully:

The Catskill Scenic Trail intersects with busy state highways at Bloomville and Grand Gorge. Please exercise caution when crossing.


Easy Riding:

To maximize your enjoyment, we recommend use of a mountain bike on the trail. The wide tires and multiple gears are very compatible with hard-packed cinder and dirt surface.


Good Neighbor Policy:

The Catskill Scenic Trail passes through villages and hamlets at several locations. We ask that you please respect the privacy of residents of these communities.


Unauthorized Motor Vehicles Prohibited:

Please note that All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and other unauthorized motor vehicles are not permitted on the Catskill Scenic Trail.

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