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Please Visit Our Catskill Region Communities

The Catskill Scenic Trail’s provides visitors with recreational opportunities amidst a section of the most picturesque countryside in the northeast. The Trail also passes by, or near, some very interesting rural villages and hamlets..

The communities of Bloomville, South Kortright, Stamford, Grand Gorge and Roxbury at one time were vital cogs along the railroad line. As times have changed and the rail bed has been transformed for recreational purposes, these towns have likewise experienced a shifting focus..

As the region’s appeal as a second home destination for metropolitan region residents has grown, many upstate communities have seen increases in specialty shops that serve the tourist and part-time population. During or after your recreational activities on the Catskill Scenic Trail, we encourage you to stroll through some of the communities and experience firsthand the unique blend of history and modern amenities that is offered..

The towns also feature restaurants from every taste — from fast-food to gourmet. Convenience stores and supermarkets are also located in most communities nearby the trail..

If you’re planning to spend a few days or an entire vacation in the Catskill Region, please contact the Delaware County NY Tourism Office at (800) 642-4443 or visit: to learn more about our spectacular offerings.

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