Safety Tips

Please Follow These Safety Guidelines

The Catskill Scenic Trail (CST) is designed to provide recreational opportunities for hikers, joggers, bikers, horseback riders, cross-country skiers and snowshoers.

The CST is maintained to high standards to create good conditions for all types of activities. It is important, however, that trail users exercise proper caution to assure a safe experience. The following guidelines are offered as helpful tips for proper trail use.


We have basic rules that we ask you to follow:

  1. There are no trash receptacles along the trail, so please be prepared to carry out any items that you bring along during your outing.
  2. The use of All-Terrain Vehicles and other motorized vehicles is prohibited on the trail.
  3. The trail passes through several small, quiet hamlets and villages. We ask that you respect the rights of the residents by keeping noise to a minimum when you are in the vicinity of these communities. Please stay on the trail and refrain from going on private property.


While we make every effort to keep the CST in user-friendly condition and free of debris, we offer several guidelines that will enhance your outing:

  • Bicyclists will receive the most enjoyment out of the trail if they are riding a mountain bike with multiple gears and fat tires. This type of bike will make traveling easier on the hard-packed trail comprised of cinders and dirt.
  • The CST intersects with busy NYS highways in several locations. Extra care is urged during crossings and we recommend that you plan your trail use so that it’s not necessary to make the Route 30 intersection crossing at Grand Gorge.


In the event an emergency arises, you should be aware that cell phone service is not always available along the trail and there are a limited number of pay phones in the area.

When you are in communication range, a 911 call will provide the service needed to summon emergency responders.


Other emergency numbers which you may want to have handy include:

  • Bloomville & South Kortright Fire Department: 607 746-7886
  • Hobart Fire Department: 607 538-9525
  • Stamford Fire Department: 607 652-7220
  • Grand Gorge Fire Department: 607 588-6211
  • Delaware County Sheriff: 607 746-2336
  • New York State Police: 607 432-3211
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