The Best Places To Park For Your Convenience

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The Catskill Scenic Trail (CST) is a 26-mile recreational path that meanders along some the most glorious countryside in Upstate New York. The trail has a very slight grade, making it ideal for assorted recreational opportunities.The CST runs along the West Branch of the Delaware River and alongside sections of NYS Routes 10, 23 and 30. Trail access is available at several locations, but we recommend that you utilize designated parking areas that are located at:

  • The historic depot at the intersection of Railroad Avenue and South Street in the Village of Stamford.
  • The parking lot on Route 10, just east of the Hamlet of Bloomville.If you choose the option of accessing the trail at other grade crossings, please use caution. Make certain to park on the side of the road, please do not block traffic, fire hydrants or the trail.

The CST is marked with octagonal signs that provide indicators of the distance to the trailhead in the direction you are facing. There is only a 400-foot change in grade over the course of the entire trail. The Village of Stamford marks the trail’s peak and the CST proceeds downhill in both directions from Stamford.


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